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Sweet Chestnut

Castanea sativa

Attractive hardy tree that can be coppiced or grown to it's very large 25-30m. Produces nuts after ~15 years.


PLANT HABIT Deciduous perennial

USES Culinary, Pollinators, Utility, Ornamental


Large tree known for it’s tasty roastable nuts in Autumn. Will grow to be a very large tree. Height and spread to 35m! Can optionally be coppiced. Is a versatile and hardy timber favoured for its good splitting. Sweet Chestnut trees produce nuts after 15 years or so.
Does well on limestone-free deeply weathered soil. Doesn’t do well in clay rich or wet soils and prefers a ph 4.5 – 6.

PRODUCT NOTES Bareroot tree between ~50-99cm.

RECOMMENDED LOCATION Forest garden, Ornamental garden

Aspect Full sun

Height Up to 35m

Spread Varies up to 50m?

Hardiness Hardy in UK WInter

Prefered soil pH 4.5 – 6

Management and care Responds well to coppicing and can be used as an attractive timber resource.


Originates in Southern Europe and appears to have been cultivated by humans for over 4000 years. Was probably introduced into Britain by the Romans.

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Sweet Chestnut