UK based specialist in perennial edible and wildlife plants.

Life.Ecology.Food.® is dedicated to facilitating urban ecological renewal and increased household happiness. We sell edible plants and products that help people improve their household economy and enjoy their gardens whilst helping and improving the wildlife around them.

You can find out more about our plant adventures on Instagram @Life.Ecology.Food

We are a specialist in perennial edible plants and are hoping to produce other happiness products at some point, including homes for wildlife and honeybees.

We're presently a small nursery and just starting out. Any support you give us will be deeply appreciated and you'll be supporting an enterprise based upon sustainable and ethical values and ecological thinking. In return we try and deliver the highest quality we can muster.

Perennial gardening means more ecological gardening. Because plant beds require less replanting, there's less digging of the soil in your gardens, which means less disturbance to earthworms and the soil ecology. Better soil ecology means healthier more fertile soil and healthier and disease resistant plants. Perennial planting also provide habitat and habit for wildlife to depend upon and build lives around.

How are we different?

We aren't just a nursery, we're passionate gardeners that build our soils and encourage earthworms in Permaculture designed garden systems. (All plant photgraphs on our website are from our own plantings and gardens). We garden with a perennial focus to encourage wildlife, build soils and grow happiness. Less work means more sitting around thinking up more work to do. We're natural beekeepers, mead makers and lovers of a good cup of tea in the sun. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a Hairy footed bee being chased around on our Lungworts.

We're striving to supply you the best quality purchases and experience buying from us, in the hope that what you buy from us really helps you grow your life.

Our values and what you can expect from us

NO PLASTIC – We strive to minimise any plastic leaving our premsis. Whilst we use plastic pots to grow – we will not send these to you. As we don't buy any new plastic packing material, we currently use recycled plastic to send plants, so please don't be upset if you get your plants packaged in old bread bags and recycled shopping bags! (we hope upgrade to wax paper at some point)


Quality products and genuine care for you as our customer.