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Scots lovage

Ligusticum scoticum

A small edible mild lovage with glossy celery-like foliage from northern UK.


PLANT HABIT Deciduous perennial

USES Culinary


A small edible herb with glossy celery-like foliage from northern UK. Stem, leaf, young shoots and seed all edible. Unlike it’s namesake Lovage, Scots lovage is much milder and pleasant celery-like flavour, and great to eat in salads. Also has medicinal uses.

It is in flower from July to August, and the seeds come on from August to September. Being a hermaphrodite, the plant is self-fertile and is pollinated by insects.

Also known as Scottish Licorice-root, and Sea Parsley.


Aspect Full sun, Partial sun, Dry partial shade

Height 60cm

Spread 45cm

Hardiness Very hardy

Management and care Like well drained soils and prefers north facing aspect, though seems to be fine in full sun in inland areas. May occasionally enjoy some salt in the soil as it’s known be found living right on the edge of ocean cliffs and rockeries.


An artic plant found in the UK in Northern Ireland coast and Scotland, growing where the mean annual temperature is below 15°C. Seems to grow fine in the middle of England.

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Scots lovage