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Armoracia rusticana

The plant that makes the sauce that makes the meal


PLANT HABIT Deciduous perennial

USES Culinary


The plant that has the root that puts the “Horseradish” in Horseradish sauce. A large, ground herb that likes boggy conditions but can grow in a wide variety of conditions with little attention.
Harvest roots from October onwards, but roots can be dug up any time of year once your plants are established to the point that disturbance won’t stop them.
Never cook Horseradish - it’s incredibly bitter! All sauces are made with the raw root.

PRODUCT NOTES Three plant root heads (called thongs) with buds or leaves, depending on the season.

RECOMMENDED LOCATION Pot, Forest garden, Wildlife garden

Aspect Full sun, Moist full sun

Height ~70cm

Spread ~90cm

Hardiness Hardy in UK WInter

Management and care Quite a voracious plant, once established is hard to remove, so only plant this in places you won't want to reclaim quickly, or alternatively grow in a pot. Self seeds quite well and will also run by quite substantial underground runners that can travel up to a metre or more from the plant before reappearing. Suited to large forest gardens or wilderness hedges on the peripheries of gardens.

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