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Garlic chives

Allium tuberosum

Attractive perennial flat leaved chive-like plant tasing of amazing garlicyness



USES Culinary, Ornamental


Also known as Chinese Chives. Perennial flat leaved chive-like plant tasing of amazing garlicyness.
Has umbels of edible white flowers in summer which, before becoming seed transform into little green capers of edible garlicy excess.
Self seeds quite well. Can take a few years to reach it’s full potential size, evident by larger and larger flat leaves each year.

PRODUCT NOTES Two relatively mature plants, straight out of the ground to you.

RECOMMENDED LOCATION Pot, Kitchen garden, Forest garden, Wildlife garden, Ornamental garden

Aspect Full sun, Moist full sun

Height 30-45cm

Spread 20cm

Hardiness Hardy in UK WInter

Management and care Requires little management. Gently break up large bunches in early spring to create even more plant stock and renew virility of growth. If you don't eat the flowers you get more seeds. But, the flowers are super yummy and look so nice in salads. It's a conundrum.


Allium tuberosum originated in the Siberian–Mongolian–North Chinese steppes and is native to the Chinese province of Shanxi. It is now widely cultivated and naturalised in other parts of Asia and the world.

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Garlic chives