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Earth Chestnut

Bunium bulbocastanum

Attractive deciduous perennial herb that produces edible tuber, leaves, flowers and seeds!


PLANT HABIT Deciduous perennial

USES Culinary, Pollinators, Ornamental


As the seeds, leaves and flowers are all edible, Earth Chestnut is a must have for any perennial kitchen garden. Leaves taste of a cross between carrot and parsley and is a great addition in salads or as a garnish. Grows small tubers which look like a small chestnut and have nutty flavour. Hardy and easy to grow, is a pleasant sight to see coming back every spring.

Also known as Giant or Great Pignut, Pignut, Black Cumin, Arnut, Ground Nut and/or Kipper Nut!

PRODUCT NOTES This year we're selling first year plants in 1 litre pot.

RECOMMENDED LOCATION Kitchen garden, Forest garden, Wildlife garden, Ornamental garden

Aspect Full sun, Partial sun, Shade

Height 60cm

Spread 30cm

Hardiness Hardy

Management and care Easy to grow requires little attention. Quite shade tolerant though prefers full sun.


Note: there is another species known as Conopodium majus which shares the same appearance, behaviour and common names as this one, but is indeed a separate species.

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Earth Chestnut