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Crûgs Zing

Zingiber mioga

Beautiful temperate ginger from Japan that enjoys outdoor conditions in Britain.



USES Culinary, Ornamental


A ginger plant from Japan that enjoys British conditions. In spring young shoots can be eaten. The autumn flower is traditionally eaten as a freshly picked spice in Japan, being cut off as a mature bud and finely sliced as a garnish or ingredient for stir-fry. Left, flowers are orchid-like, a soft cream and lilac colour and grow at the base of the stems. Spreads satisfyingly quickly to establish itself in moist soils. As any ginger it has it’s own place as an ornamental, but unlike gingers from warmer climes, this is a very hardy temperate ginger.

PRODUCT NOTES One young plant in a 1 litre pot.

RECOMMENDED LOCATION Forest garden, Ornamental garden

Aspect Partial sun, Shade, Moist shade

Height ~80cm average culm height up to 1.2m

Spread ~60cm up to 1m

Hardiness Very hardy (-15 deg)

Prefered soil pH ph ~6.5-7.5

Management and care Propagate by division in early spring.


From Jeju-do island between Japan and Korea.

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Crûgs Zing