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Bowle’s Mint

Mentha x villosa var. alopecuroides

A superior apple mint used for flavouring mint sauces, salads, deserts and drinks (mojito) and loved by pollinators.



USES , Culinary, Pollinators, Ornamental


Hardy spreading perennial growing 60-90cm tall that’s well suited to the moist partial shade of forest gardens. It is a superior apple mint featuring large, round, hairy, soft green leaves which have a unique flavour, a mixture of peppermint and spearmint. Can be used for flavouring mint sauces, salads, deserts and drinks (mojito). It produces mauve edible flower spices in Summer much adored by pollinators making it an excellent edimental for your household garden.

PRODUCT NOTES In a 9cm pot.

RECOMMENDED LOCATION , Pot, Forest garden, Wildlife garden

Aspect , Full sun, Partial sun, Moist partial shade, Moist full sun

Height Up to 1m

Spread Continuous but not uncontrollably invasive

Hardiness H5 (-10 to -15C)

Management and care Great in forest gardens as a spreading but not intensively invasive mint with flowers loved by pollinators.


Naturalised worldwide, but native of Europe, Bowle’s mint is a sterile hybrid from a cross between Spearmint (Mentha spicata) and Woolly Mint (Mentha suaveolens.)

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Bowle’s Mint