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Black peppermint

Mentha X pipertum

Excellent edible perennial and wildlife plant with medicinal uses. Also quite ornamental with compact and attractive form.



USES Culinary, Medicinal, Pollinators, Ornamental


Magical and mysterious, this is a beautiful herb that likes the dark moist corners of a garden. Also known as Chocolate mint or After Eight mint, it makes a great desert garnish, icecream flavourer or peppermint (iced?) tea. Like all mints is a great plant for pollinators, producing beautiful clumps of small pink/mauve flowers on roundish flower heads in summer.

PRODUCT NOTES Presently all our stock of this plant is all in the ground, so you would be receiving bare rooted stock of several bracts, rather than a potted plant.

RECOMMENDED LOCATION Pot, Forest garden, Wildlife garden, Ornamental garden

Aspect Moist shade, Moist partial shade, Moist full sun

Height 50cm

Spread It's mint, so: all of the whole world

Hardiness RHS rating H7 - Very hardy

Prefered soil pH pH 6-7

Management and care Unless kept in a pot, will spread voraciously once established, looking for nice dark and moist niches. Despite our own best advice, we planted it in the shady bottom of the garden where it happily spreads and flowers.


Native of Europe.

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Black peppermint